Monday, August 9, 2010

WEIGHT a Minute!

Is it Better to Be Skinny or Fit? doesn't matter. Body image is such a struggle in our society.  Raise your hand high in the air if you critique your body in the mirror regularly.  Go ahead, raise your hand up, even if you are at a public computer.  Because chances are, you have.  We exercise, eat right, starve ourselves, or none of the above and just feel bad about our bodies.  Why?  Is it so we feel good or so that others will admire our bodies?

It shouldn't matter what other people think about your own body.  You shouldn't exercise and eat right for someone else's benefit.  Being a healthy weight, whatever that means to your own body, is important for your overall well being not vanity.  It is a good habit to not compare your body with someone else's.  We are all made from different molds!  Why would your body look exactly like someone else's body?  It is pointless to compare! 

The greatest peace is found when you love your self and are confident in who you are.  Yoga, for instance,  contributes to a slimmer body frame and a vegan diet can maintain a healthy weight.  But the real peace comes from practicing yoga and eating vegan for reasons other than gaining a six pack. A vegan diet is a compassionate way of living.  There is less harm in each meal or snack you eat.  The bonus is your heart will thank you!  Weight loss is just a perk! 

So do yourself a favor!  Throw the scale away and stop analyzing your body for what you want it be.  Just continue down your healthy path, feel great and love your body for what it is.  Find the peace with your body and your life.  Remind yourself that you are beautiful and you don't need external confirmation, because YOU know it! 

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  1. Yes, Yes, Yes! I got rid of my scale after Olivia was born and although I have bad days, I try not to focus on myself at all! Having a baby may have made me a little bigger, but sheesh, it is such an accomplishment! Ha Ha
    I thank God that my body is healthy and everything works (I can walk, eat, see, hear etc) and then move on from there. Thanks for this post!