Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skinny Chick!

I have a friend named Stephanie.  She is a mother of an awesome 5 year old boy!  She is a health nut and is always up on the latest, greatest health craze!  Stephanie loves to eat right and exercise. She is truly one skinny chick!  Here are some of her wonderful health findings and insights!!  Read, Laugh, Learn and Enjoy!

Guest Post by: Stephanie Lamberth

Are you looking for an introduction to tofu???  There are these tofu noodles in the refrigerated tofu section.  They are called Yakisoba. They are in water and look weird.  You want to get the thin ones.  They look funky and smell funkier!  BUT, rinse them under hot water for a few minutes, boil them until they are hot and serve with your favorite sauce.  I swear they taste just like pasta!!

Got cellulite?  (me too girls).  Coffee is the only natural way to truly diminish the appearance of cellulite.  It increases circulation to plump up the skin and it dehydrates the fat cells to make them temporarily smaller.  Scrub your butt and legs with coffee 4 times a week for a smoother buttock region...I actually make my own coffee scrub!!!  If you are interested in buying some, leave a comment! 

Here are some great nutrition tips:
- Leafy greens are better absorbed by your body when combined with a healthy fat.  So if you are having a spinach salad, try mixing in avocado, nuts or oils to get the full health benefits!
-Women who consume 300 mgs of organic unprocessed coconut oil loose more weight and have smaller waist lines than women who do not.  It can be consumed in a pill form or via cooking. 
-Start taking 100 mg of Niacin daily (get the anti-flush) to lower your cholesterol, increase circulation and knock out sugar cravings. 

So there you have it!  That is your nutrition lesson for the day! 

Check out for some great ways to be healthy and save the Earth!  IF we consumed 10% less beef it would free up 60 million grains to feed the world! 

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