Friday, February 11, 2011

Earth Balance's Made Just Right Blog

I just guest blogged for Earth Balance's Made Just Right Blog!  You can click here to visit the link.  

It is a super great blog that features recipes from all over the globe!  All recipes are plant based and use Earth Balance butter.  Now if you are not familiar with EB, then you need to be! 

My husband and I have been using EB for years (before going veg).  The butter is dairy free, cholesterol free and very yummy.  It comes in tubs and in sticks for baking.  There is no reason a vegan should go without butter with Earth Balance in your stores.  (non vegans should use it too for the health benefits). 

I have noticed that EB can be expensive in traditional grocery stores, as it is an "oddity". So, go to your local organic grocery store and pick it up for under $4.  Trust me, it's worth it!

If you are visiting from MADE JUST RIGHT, please stick around and read some posts!  Welcome and I hope you enjoy!  Also, check out Vegan in Charleston.  Even if you live in another city, it can be helpful to allow you to think outside the box on restaurants. 

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