Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Your Mind..and the Rest Will Follow!

So, I meditate just about every day!  It is wonderful.  Everyone should do it!!!  It is a great way to free your mind, relax and be present. 

Being present is such a foreign concept in today's society.  We are conditioned to make plans!  We stay booked and busy.  I am already looking forward to the weekend when our friends are coming down, and it's only MONDAY!  It's human nature to plan ahead and look forward to things in the future.  It is also human nature to dwell on the past.  If you make a mistake at work, you may think about it and worry about it for days.  What does that get you?  An ulcer?  We have to learn to let go! Live in the moment!! The past has already happened and the future has not happened, so why worry about either?!

Being present is a practice!  Meditation is a great way to practice this concept!  It is a wonderful feeling to actually let it all go; all the thoughts, plans, worries and take time to be quiet and still,  Even if it is just for a few minutes! Our days are so busy; working, helping others, etc that we should take this time for ourselves and our well being! 

How do you meditate?
Practice!  Find a comfortable seat in a quiet place.  Close your eyes and breath.  You don't have to breath in any particular way.  Just breath and focus on that breath.  Don't let a breath go by that is unnoticed!  You can even say a mantra.  Say "Let" on the inhale and "Go" on the exhale.  It is that easy, but the practice is learning to actually concentrate on the breath.  Thoughts will come in your mind, you have to let them come in and go right back out.  We do not need to dwell on those thoughts while meditating.  This is your time to be quiet.  You deserve it! 

Next time someone asks you what time is it, try giving them this answer:  "NOW".  See what kind of response you get.  Enjoy every moment and live life to the fullest. 

Eat, Pray, Love and Meditate!

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