Sunday, July 24, 2011

A concious compassionate child

A Compassionate child grows up to be a compassionate adult!

In our world, we need more people dedicated to taking care of the planet and the beings on the planet. 

This is my goal for raising my child.  Children are born innocent and open, it is our job to fill their lives with compassion and love and let them lead how they choose.

I wish my child to respect all creatures human and animal in her world. 

When she sees a bug or insect, I want her to see it as a being and not harm it.  She can learn from and respect the creature instead of squashing it!

I wish my child to see a chicken as an interesting and smart animal rather than a nugget!

I wish her to see a "moo moo" as a big, massive animal rather than a hamburger. 

How will I work towards these choices?  It's simple, live by example.  Do not eat her animal friends, do not kill her animal friends and treat all humans with respect and kindness.  Do not litter or disrespect Mother Earth.  These are simple things we should do each day, especially if a child is watching and learning!

Be the Change you want to see in the world - Ghandi

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  1. Hi!!! I love you posts, and I totally agree live by example. Keep up the inspiring writing. Namaste