Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Second Trimester

HELLO energy!!  Glad to have you back!  I feel great finally.  For a while I was doubting this whole pregnancy gig a bit.  But now I am feeling normal and getting used to the basketball in my abdomen!

The baby is growing and is right on track!  I am so thankful for that and LOVE hearing her precious heartbeat every month! 

We are six months down and three to go!  I cannot wait to meet our baby.  She could come today if it would be healthy, which it's not, so she can keep cooking! 

My husband and I are preparing for some big changes in our lives and with that can bring on a little stress.  When I get stressed, I picture us holding our little baby and things don't seem so complicated anymore!

ON THE OTHER that I have reached 6 months pregnant, things are going wacky with my body!!  aaah!!

Can we say "SPREADING" ?!?!  Everything is beginning to spread!  My booty is growing, my back looks different and don't even get me started on my legs! 

But it's all OK, because apparently that is what my body is choosing to do during pregnancy!  I am now going to yoga more often and having energy for walks.  On the flip side, I am eating us out of house and home! 

Third Trimester is coming up....  Can't wait to see what that holds! :)

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