Thursday, June 9, 2011

Namaste Baby


"I Bow to You"

I have always heard that pregnant women find it odd when people touch their baby bumps.  They tend to get aggravated.  I had no idea how I would act towards it, but I received lots of warnings..."wait till someone touches your belly".. they'd say.

Sure enough, It happened right away and it happens often.  I practice yoga at a very loving and open studio.  So of course as soon as I said I was pregnant, the hands began to gravitate to the baby.  Guess what...?? 


I touch and rub my belly constantly and my husband will touch the baby a lot and will hold the bump at night.  When people touch my baby belly it feels loving and intimate. I can feel their loving energy seeping all the way to the baby.  It's like  a bunch of baby hugs. 

The belly I have accumulated so far is way more than just a bigger stomach or more skin.  I see it as the baby.  It's not my's the baby.  It is the spot where the baby is growing and living.  It is very much a part of me and everything I feel, think and do the baby does.   

I am very fortunate to be around loving people who wish to extend that love to the growing person inside.  This child is so loved and fortunate already. 

After each yoga class, we bow to each other in a very humble way to say thank you for being there and sharing your practice.  Since I have been pregnant, not only do I get a namaste and a thank you...MY BABY does too.  It is an amazing experience.  Tonight in shavasana (relaxation pose), I received a neck and head massage from my teacher.  As she finished she placed her loving hand on my baby.  It brought tears to my eyes.  My baby is so fortunate already!  I can't wait to meet him/her and bring her into the loving world that awaits. 

Namaste Baby Holland!

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