Sunday, February 6, 2011

A YOGI With a Cause

I believe in Peace on Earth.  I pray for it to happen.  I have found peace in my heart and my life and I believe the world can find it too.  My prayer is that people can see and feel the "Oneness" in all beings.  Oneness is what I believe can lead to world peace!

I can't explain how it happened to me.  It came very quick and natural.  All of the sudden, I began to see and really feel a connection between myself and everything else.  Their souls became real and life became more clear. 

I began on my plate.  I saw the chicken I was eating as my own flesh.  I saw no difference in that chicken who gave it's life for my meal and my own life.  The rubbery chicken flesh was just like eating my own arm.  I couldn't do it anymore.  No being's life was worth giving up for my dinner.  So I became vegan.  Done..just like that. But the connection didn't end there. It's not so cut and dry.  Compassion isn't limited to one being, ie; animals, children, environment, etc.  Compassion encompasses ALL beings. 

I see other human beings as the same as me too.  I try not to judge or get frustrated with others as they are just like me. Why would I want to hurt my fellow beings.  I help out my neighbor if they are in need and I send warm wishes to those I can not be near.   I have great compassion for those who suffer from hunger and who have nothing.  I, in turn try to live a simple life and get rid of things I do not need.  Why should I have so much when others have nothing?   

I can even see a connection with the environment.  I see a tree as a necessity on our Earth and not a paper towel.  I see water as a life source and try to preserve it and cherish it.  I see our crops as a food source and choose organics to support the farmers that care about our environment.  The world is there for us, isn't it about time we are there for it? 

huggin a tree!

Don't limit your compassion to one thing.  You can extend your love, care and life towards all beings.  Oneness is the key to peace.  Make the connection between yourself and others.  Once this happens, you will not see the difference between a starving kitten and a starving child.  You will help both equally and there will be peace on Earth!

lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

may ALL beings be happy and free
and may the thoughts, words and actions of MY OWN LIFE contribute in some way


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