Monday, February 21, 2011

Go Outside!

This weekend, we went camping!  I LOOOVVE camping.  I crave being outdoors...being indoors gets me jittery..I don't even like being in the car! 

So being outdoors camping is the best.  We hiked, canoed, sat by the fire, ate in the dark and slept in our tent. 

When you camp, there is a motto to "leave no trace behind".  You are not to leave trash, food or anything behind.  You should leave the area as you found it! This rule should apply to everywhere in nature.  It saddens me when I pass a pond or beautiful landscaped area and I see a plastic bottle floating or a piece of trash in a flower.  If we don't take care of mother Earth, she won't take care of us!


Watching the sunset

Morning coffee complete with Starbucks Via and soy creamer

The BEST veggie burgers in the world!  Organic veggies and tofu

Be a tree, don't cut them down to use as napkins

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