Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dirty Dirty

If you don't think that buying organic matters, then read on! My mom passed on a very important article talking about pesticides found on fruits and vegetables these days.  I couldn't not talk about this.  It is pretty shocking!

A lot of people do not think that buying organic is a necessary option.  Some reasons that I heard is that the amount of pesticides are minute and it doesn't matter or that organics are so much more expensive. 

First of all, organics are not that much more expensive, especially for fruits and veggies.  Second of all, they are worth every penny.  Supporting organic farmers helps you and the environment.  Organic produce protects you from ingesting a lot of toxins and chemicals as well as protecting the land from the run offs of the chemicals. 

These "little" toxins are increasing and becoming stronger.  The diseases, molds and bugs that the pesticides are used to prevent are becoming immune to the stuff.  Therefore, the chemicals are needing to be stronger and used more frequently.  Pesticides are being linked to the increase in diseases in our society.  If you care about what you put into your body and especially if you are feeding children, you need to consider organics!!

Here are the facts:
Source:  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) studied 100,000 produce and reported to the US FDA to create a list of 49 of the dirtiest produce.  Purchasing the following Organic or locally grown can reduce your pesticide intake by 80%

1. Celery- in a single celery stalk, there are 13 pesticides and on the whole celery bunch, there were 67 pesticides found.

2.  Peaches- laced with 67 different chemicals due to their soft fuzzy skin.

3.  Strawberries- these soft, seedy skins allow easy absorption for the 53 pesticides found on berries!

4.  Apples- 47 pesticides found on apples.  Even washing them isn't 100% of removing the chemicals.

5.  Blueberries- 13 pesticides were found on a single sample of berries and they soak in easier due to the thin skin

6.  Sweet Bell Peppers- 63 types of pesticides and again thin skinned, therefore absorption is good

7.  Spinach, Kale and Collard Greens- 45-57 different pesticides found on these leafy greens

8.  Grapes- with extremely thin skins, the pesticides are able to seep right in. 

9.  Potatoes- The skin is laced with 36 pesticides and the skin is supposed to be the healthiest part

10.  Cherries- Another thin skinned fruit that allows pesticides to sink right in.

So, please consider buying organic produce. (OR GROWING YOUR OWN)  Not only does it benefit you, it benefits the farmers and the environment.  Pay now or pay later.

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