Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sayonara 2010

Wow!  Where has the year gone?!?!  How is tomorrow the last day of 2010 already? 

Is it just me or is time flying by the seat of it's pants? 

Time is actually going by at the same pace it always does (obviously) but our minds have sped up.  Everything is moving at a ridiculous speed and our minds are having to keep up.  This in turn makes time seem to fly by. 
It is such a practice to train the mind to slow down.  In a fast paced world, we must try to focus on each breath and each passing moment.  Treat every day like it is the last and every moment like it is the last time you will be there. 

If you are having a terrible day, turn your thoughts to wonder, what if this is your last day?  Would you treat it differently?  Is your day really that terrible?

When you are enjoying something so much, you wish it would never end...stop wishing and just enjoy it!  Because it will end, but you can slow it down and savor every bit of it.

All things must past..good or enjoy both the good and the bad! 

For 2011, I am compiling a "bucket list".  I am not going to write it down, it will remain in my head, but I intend to complete what I can and to remember to savor each day and moment like it is the best day or moment.  You don't have to "GO" on vacation to "BE" on vacation.  Enjoy life!

Let's see what 2011 holds!  Happy New Year!

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