Sunday, November 28, 2010

Compassionate Shopping List

Shopping for the Vegan in your life...

Veganism isn't just a food choice, it is a lifestyle choice.  We consume a lot of material things in our lifetimes.  We eat three times a day, we own a lot of clothing, shoes, accessories and we use a lot of products; soaps, shampoos, cleaning agents, etc.  There are many more ways to express compassion in our lives than just by our food choices.  When I went vegan, the food came first.  Then I had to start looking at the choices I made when buying products and lastly, I had to ask everyone to discontinue purchasing these things for me as gifts.   

Great places to shop: (there are sooo are a few)

1.  for shoes. For every pair bought, a free pair is given to a child in need
2.  homemade gifts made by people who own their own businesses
3.  All vegan
3.  Susan Nicole Handbags.  Designer eco friendly handbags (I got one for the first time and love it!!)  They have great specials and giveaways too!
4.  Donate to the nature conservancy
5.  Adopt an endangered species
6. Charities of choice
7. Local vendors

Gift Ideas:
Vegan Cookbooks
Health Food Gift Certificates
Eco friendly material Gifts

Many people don't realize that veganism extends into your life.  I know I didn't think about it before in my life.  I own a lot of leather products.  I didn't think twice about buying a pair of leather sandals or a long leather coat.  But as with a lot of things, once you are aware of where it comes from, you tend to not want to support it.We here about on TV is commercials about all the stuff we need..things we must buy. SALE, SALE, SALE...  Here is the ugly side of shopping that is not advertised in magazines and TV commercials. 

Cosmetics, Shampoos, Lotions, etc. that are tested on animals or contain animal products.  Your lipstick may contain roadkill...think of that next time you lick your lips! 

Please look for the cruelty free logo and you can check out further companies by clicking here...

Leather coats, shoes, belts, purses etc are all the rage.  They look great and are warm.  However, we must think..where does that leather come from?  I used to worry about getting my leather coat wet and my parents would tell me "cows get wet" and I would be like "oh yeah".  I never questioned why my coat was made out of a cow's skin.  Cashmere is great as well.  It's so soft and stylish.  But again, at what cost does that fur come to make my sweater?  Animals are skinned alive to get the fur, leather, alligator skin, etc.  When products are mass produced, care and detail goes out the window.  I have many cotton sweaters or faux letter items.  They are just as soft and keep me just as warm.  The best part about them is that nothing had to suffer in order for me to wear it.  Here is the dark side of wearing animals!



You should always know where your money goes.  You should know where your money goes to.  Does it go to support sweat shops or slaughter houses OR does it go to support a talented person or a company that gives back?

Extend your compassion this year when remembering your vegan family member or friend. 

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