Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Help! I am addicted to Plastic!

Paper or Plastic?  NEITHER!!
The world is addicted to plastic packaging!  I am convinced of it.  As much as the "Go Green" push has gained popularity, I still am a minority at the grocery store carrying my reusable bags.  Why is that?  What more do we need to do?  What more do we need to know about our environment to understand that we need to reduce our waste, not add to it.  I know that convenience is to blame.  EVERYTHING comes in packaging for quick, convenient purchases.  A lot of our food is individually wrapped for "on the go".  I mean a typical snack for a child can be individually wrapped fruit snacks and a juice box.  Both items are packaged out of convenience, but are used up in a matter of five minutes and live in a landfill forever.  Instead, one can buy a large bag of snacks and package them in Tupperware. and juice into a cup or reusable sippy cup.  No waste at all!  That is a big difference. 

Here is a picture of my lunch the other day.  We ordered in at work and I ordered a veggie sandwich with french onion soup and a tea.  Doesn't sound too wasteful does it.  Here is how my lunch came. 

Notice the styrofoam box that holds the sandwich that is wrapped in paper.  They included three plastic utensils.  The soup in in a paper cup covered by a plastic lid, wrapped in saran wrap.  My tea came in a plastic cup with a plastic lid and a plastic straw.  Then to top it off, they put it in a bag!

These are things we must notice in order to begin eliminating.  When eating out, I usually try to encourage the restaurant to use the least amount of packaging.  Everytime I say I have my own bag, they pause, stare and act confused.  We have to do our part and restaurants need to do theirs!

Reusable bags cost on average $.99!  They come in very stylish looks.  They have many functions other than just carrying your groceries.    They are so cheap, you can have some in your house and in your car so that they are always ready when you need them. 

American use on average 380 billion plastic bags a year!  They take about 1000 years to break down.  They do not biodegrade, they only break down into smaller toxic particles.  The plastic particles infiltrate our water, earth and animals.  If we do not act now, then our Earth will one day be filled with garbage! 

Do your part!  Think twice before reaching for a plastic bag or container.  Carry your own bags and rebel against stores that try to push plastic on you! 
Just Say No- (thank you)

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