Sunday, May 9, 2010

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May 6, 2010: I turned 30!

30 is the new 20, right? I believe so...

I know now how important a proper diet and exercise is. I am healthier now than I was when I was 20! I shock my own self when I can balance my body weight on my hands or stand on my head!! It is empowering to be so healthy and happy and energetic! How did this happen?

I opened my eyes! I realized that healthy doesn't always mean skinny. I educated myself on what I was putting into my body. I now feel so great that I have to tell everyone! If you are tired of being sluggish or putting on weight (because that is just what happens when you get older right? NO) then read my blog and think about how you can make changes in your life.

Here is a little recap:
Year 2000:

Exercise: I walked a lot (in college), worked out in the gym, ran, lifted weights and swam

Diet: Chick-fil-a, pizza,hamburgers,candy, sodas, beer, etc

A typical Meal:
Personal Pan Pepponi pizza from Pizza Hut
Large Coke
Candy Bar

Total Fat:26 grams
Total Calories:801
Total Fiber: 1 gram
Total Protein:15 grams
Total Cholesterol:32

Wow! High fat, filling with no nutritional value...

Year 2010:

Exercise: Walk to work most days, 1 1/2 hours of yoga six days a week

Diet: Vegetables, fruits, grains, sweets

A typical meal:
A whole grain pita filled with stir fryed cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots and cucumbers

Total Fat:2 grams
Total Calories:208
Total Protien:8 grams
Total Fiber:8 grams
Total Cholesterol:0

Very high in Vitamins and minerals and filling. We don't have to stuff ourselves until we can't move to be full!

As we age, scientific things do happen. Your metabolism slows down for sure. But, making lifestyle changes can counteract it. You can still be active and lively into your golden years. Many of my Yoga teachers are still practicing yoga in their 90's. How? Years of yoga and vegetarian diets! It is a proven fact and now I am living it! Start your children out young! Give them the best advantages to health that they can carry on into their adulthood!

Proper nutrition and exercise is a simple way to a long happy life!


  1. AMAZING pose! wow!!! You left out grilled cheese (made by snoop dog) dipped in katsup, chocolate milk and ribs! LOL. I think that if we had a clue what to eat in college, like understood that what we ate directly related to how we feel that we would have been a lot better off. Why didn't we have a cool hippy influence then? Oh well, I guess better to learn now than in another 10, 20... or 50 yrs.

  2. Way to go Mary! I am challenged by your example.

  3. This is just what I need... some healthy motivation. I've been reworking our lifestyle and it's always great to read about others that live a healthy life.

    Following your blog and looking forward to you post.s

  4. Ok...breakfast: Homemade applesauce bread and coffee. Lunch: Smoothie with strawberries, bananas, and soy milk. Pretty good so far huh??? Tonight it's homemade veggie pizza. I'll be sure to let you know if I die or anything after my first day of no meat. Ha ha!!!

  5. Go Beth! Sounds great so far. Make sure you snack..nuts, fruit, etc. Drink plenty of water! You don't want to starve or die :) You will enjoy that veggie pizza! The best part of your meals today is that they are homemade! You know what is in them! Congratulations! I hope you enjoy.

  6. Ok...Day 2 and feeling great! I am not anywhere as hungry as I imagined I would be. I am thinking more about what I eat before I eat it and I feel like I am keeping up with my toddler! So far so good :)

  7. Yes, thinking about what you eat is the key! Keep up the good work. Please try it for atleast a few weeks to see how you feel! Is Olivia going vegetarian too or just eating more veggies?

  8. Olivia is pretty much already a vegetarian/grains/sweets girl. :) She could eat peanut butter sandwiches and carrot sticks all day everyday! We are trying this as a family and will keep it up as long as we can!

  9. New Fav snack. Melt chocolate (dark is best) and mix in almonds. Once completely covered, place into the freezer until firm. YUMMY! Enjoy

  10. YUMMY!! Satisfies the sweet tooth as well as provides vitamins and antioxidants!

    Dark Chocolate is yummy (and has no dairy in it!)

  11. Still loving my new way of eating! Although I did indulge in a few...ok...alot of cheetos this afternoon...big no no right?!!! :)

  12. Indulging is moderation! :) Glad you are loving it!

  13. I just made a super yummy dip: Mash Great Northern Beans, add mayo (olive oil kind), garlic salt, and lemon juice. Serve with lettuce and your favorite cracker. Yum! Enjoy