Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's Move

Horray for Michelle Obama! 
There is something great about a huge leader backing something so important.  Childhood obesity is being met head on by parents, teachers, activists and now the First Lady is tackeling it. 

Let's Move is an organization to help give families resources to eat better and do make legislations against schools to provide healthier options for our children.  It is said that many children eat HALF of their calories at school each day.  Those calories need to be top choices for nutritional worth!  Many plans are being put in place to offer healthier school lunches; budgets are being increased and the Child Nutrition Act is being implemented. 

Let's Move also expresses the need for physical activity.  Children need atleast 60 minutes of activity a day for a healthy weight.  That is usually not met in today's society.  A study showed that children beginning at eight years old devote an average of 7 1/2 hours to TV, Computer, Video Games, Movies, etc in one day!  Wow!  (I think that is a lot but here I am on the computer for 8 hours a day).  We have to let kids be kids, get them off of the entertainment devices and get them outside.  I often think how lucky I am that facebook, laptops, etc were not around when I was young.  I would have missed a lot of fun outdoor play and exercise.  We can not let this happen to our children!

My favorite part of Let's Move is the information about "Accessing Healthy and Affordable Food".  There will be  a Healthy Food Financing Initiative between the US Dept. of Treasury, Agriculture and Health and Human Services to invest in healthy food options in underserved areas!  Grants will help farmers markets and fresh foods! 

How cool is that?!  Nutrition is becoming the new revolution.  FINALLY the world is seeing all of the health problems that arrise when you do not care about your body!  It is an exciting time.  Join in the revolution!  Take care of yourself and your families!  Be active, healthy and happy! 

Also, check out  They have great ideas for healthy WASTE FREE lunches!

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