Monday, March 14, 2016

Rediscovering my passion

Oh Spring, how I love you!

My second child is 8 months old and the experience has been tougher, to say the least, this go around.  Two active children now.  The newborn phase (3-4 months) was grueling.  The baby still wakes every two to three hours at night. I work a full time job from home.  My energy levels have been in the dirt. 

However, the sun is out, breezes blowing and Charleston is as gorgeous as ever. 

I am ready.

Ready to get my energy and passions back. 

My children are amazing beings.  They are fun, adorable, smart, active, sweet people.  I love being with them.  So much that I rarely do anything for myself.  I don't really do much away from them.  I haven't even blogged regularly since my first was born four years ago. 

I am not complaining, seriously, but it is a fact and possibly a problem. 

Today I went outside alone for 30 whole minutes.  I went for a jog.  I listened to MY music.  I grabbed my yoga mat (that had to be DUSTED off..sad) and practiced a quick sequence in the sun.  It was magical and filled my cup.  I felt like Mary instead of Mommy. 


I am finding my balance.  I can still cherish my kids every move and tend to what makes me feel like me.  Let's do this mamas.  Take on the world.  Move mountains.

We can not compare.  Can not strive for perfection.  Rather love your children.  Love your spouses. love yourselves.  Love mother earth and all it gives us.  Take small amounts of time to devote to your passions. 


  1. I know how you feel! Thank goodness for this amazing weather, enough to get the juices flowing!

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