Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Let it Go, Let it Goooooo!"

These days I can not say the words "let it go" without singing it.  

Now if I can take Elsa's words to heart!

Before I had a baby I was very active and fit.  I ate well, I tended to myself, practiced yoga regularly and slept.  

After I had a baby, I focused a lot on my "Before" life.  

I would meet new friends and say "oh before I was fit", "before I used to practice yoga all the time",  "if you knew me before....".  I could go on.  

I love my life now, so why do I cling to the "before"? 

 My time is spent at playgrounds, play dates, snuggle time and doing whatever I want for my sweet little toddler.  She is my priority and I love it.  

I have never been bitter about my TIME, more so about my body.  I battled with myself over letting my body get out of shape, how poorly I was eating and for choosing the couch over exercise. 

But this past year has been a game changer.  I have made small changes that have worked for my lifestyle.  

I have an amazing and supportive group of mama friends.  We support each other well on everything. We all started working together to exercise, budget and eat better.  

Budgeting leads to eating at home.  Eating wholesome meals at home leads to weight loss and exercise.  It's been a win win.  

However, I do not have my flat stomach back and that's ok!  I may get it back.  I may not.  At this rate, I am happy to be healthy again and energetic again.  I am giving myself a break and letting that "BEFORE" body goooooo!  

Because my current body has done some amazing things.  

My body has grown and fed a baby
My body carries my sweet angel 
My body acts as  horse for my child to ride
My body gives my child comfort and love
My body chases my child everywhere
My body can run 
My body can still do amazing yoga poses
My body is squishy
My body is mine
My body can do amazing things

Yoga with the TOT
Down Dog with my baby

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