Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marvel Cloth Diaper Giveaway!!!

Hey all you Cloth Mamas, who wants to win a newborn/small Marvel Comics cloth diaper?!?!

You are already eco-minded people if you choose to cloth diaper your children, so who wouldn't want to buy your diapers from a local company?!  I love purchasing my diapers from a person whose hard work goes into making it and I know exactly where my money goes and who I support!

My favorite diapers have come from Modified Momma Creations.  MMC is owned and operated by a cloth diapering mom who makes eco conscious choices for her family.  She is very hip and loves making fun and unique eco friendly products for your home and children. Pretty much any diaper pattern you can think of, she will make.  Check out her website and Facebook page to see all the fun patterns to choose from.

My husband is a huge comic book fan, so of course when MMC said they had MARVEL Comics material, we had to order one.  Our baby girl wears a Marvel and a Dallas Cowboys cloth diaper. (Daddy's girl)

Modified Momma Creations makes a beautiful, fun and durable cloth diaper.  The fabric is great quality and the stitching is strong and well done.  As you will see from the picture, she has the comic material in the back (making for an adorable CD booty) and a super soft fabric in the front.  They have snaps that can adjust to size and are easy to put on.  This diaper even has a newborn umbilical cord snap down if needed.  It is a pocket diaper and is easily stuffed. The customer service is excellent and the owner is very easy to talk with about your orders!

So...Who wants to win a Modified Momma Creations Diaper?

This giveaway is for a Marvel Comic Newborn/Small (6-16 pounds) Cloth Diaper

To enter, please do the following:

1.  Follow my blog by clicking "Join this site"
4.  Leave a comment below telling me you did these three things AND why you cloth diaper or want to cloth diaper!

The Drawing will end on Wednesday 3/28/2012 at 9pm EST.  The winner will be notified via the blog.

Thanks for reading and have fun checking out Modified Momma Creation's awesome diapers! This blog is not sponsored by Modified Momma Creations or Marvel


  1. I followed this site, MMC on facebook, and Yogi with a Cause on facebook :)

    I'm expecting my first son in early June, and I want to cloth diaper him for several reasons: They save mama and daddy a lot of money, they are soft and cozy for his bottom, and they are absolutely adorable!

  2. Did the big three! Hope I have a chance- we love Marvel around here, too! I am expecting my 3rd baby in September, and definately want to continue cloth diapering because
    1. they are adorable
    2. saves from throwing so many disposables in the trash
    3. my baby's bums were always happy and rash-free
    4. they save money overall!

  3. I tried to do all three but it wouldn't let me follow Yogi with a cause on Facebook? I'm so interested in cloth diapering and I only have bought a few and I'm hesitating because of the cost. However the cost of disposables is too high as well! These diapers look so cute and I would tell all my friends how awesome they are, and about this blog :)

  4. I did all three steps.

    I'm just starting to use cloth because it was making me sick to think of all the diapers I was throwing away!

  5. I followed all three sites. I decided to start using cloth because it is better for my baby and the environment. They are also absolutely adorable.

  6. I did all three!
    First of all that is an AWESOME diaper:) I'm always looking for mommas to buy diapers from with their own companies and free samples are great:) My baby is no longer new-born sized, but I have a great friend who is prego and this would be perfect for her! Thanks for the give-a-way.

  7. I follow you on GFC, I am already a HUGE fan of MMC on Facebook and now your new Facebook fan! MMC has made me many wonderful things- I love my car seat poncho and my diaper made by Nikki!!! I initially started cloth diapering because of my daughter's skin sensitivity and consistent diaper rash with disposables. Then I will admit it- I was addicted and never looked back. I love that I never need to remember to buy diapers- and that I am helping the environment. I love the custom prints that MMC has- this one is GREAT!! thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  8. I did all three!
    I have been cding my now 1 year old for 9 months and love love love it! I am having our second son at the end of June. I have a pretty good stash thus far but I have no new born diapers. I started cding to be money but I'm so in love with it and

  9. I did all three! I started CDing a few months ago to save money, and soon fell in love with doing it! I would never go back :)

  10. I did all three. I cloth diaper. I love cute fluffy cloth on my baby and it is so much more economical and earth friendly.
    Abbie Neary

  11. Great answers everyone! Cloth Diapering rocks in so many ways! Keep it up!!! Thanks for reading and entering the giveaway! Stay tuned for the results!