Sunday, March 18, 2012

And the fair trade necklace goes to..........

Congratulations Leah on winning the beautiful Noonday Collection Happy Day Necklace!

Here is Leah's conscious shopping comment:

99.999% of Gav's clothes (even though he's almost 6) are either hand me down or when I do purchase him 'new' things, they are from a kid's consignment store. Buying new just seems crazy. So I consciously buy his clothes consigned. I know by doing that I personally am not supporting sweat shops, or anything else bad like that.

Thank you everyone for reading and commenting.  Make sure you check out more of Noonday Collections awesome products and book a trunk show with the FABULOUS Beth!

Leah, Beth with Noonday will be in touch with you to get you your necklace!

Happy Conscious Shopping Everyone!

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