Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why We Chose the Birth Center

Having a baby is a big responsibility.  It is such a gift to be able to grow a human being and nurture them as they grow. It is a job that should never be taken lightly.  Along with becoming pregnant, comes a lot of choices.  Now is the time to give your child the best advantages, even before he/she is born.

My husband and I make decisions based on how they affect others.  Others meaning; people, animals, environment, Mother Earth, etc.  We try to give back to others through the things we do.  For instance, we eat organic foods.  This nourishes our bodies as well as supports organic farmers and the environment.  We use cloth napkins to save the trees in our beautiful land.  I choose not to eat animals to save the animal's lives and the environment.  We conserve water and electricity.  There are many decisions to be made in life and making small changes can make big impacts.  These are choices that our future should contain.

Natural Living equals Natural Child Birth.

I want to give our baby the best advantages from the start.  I want it to be healthy and happy.  I always knew I wanted a water birth and that is how I found The Charleston Birth Place!  The birth center allows for a birthing experience that we want for our child.  Birthing a baby should not be a is a life changing experience.  I want to feel it and cherish it.  I want the baby to be born in a peaceful environment and to see and feel Mommy and Daddy first. I want his/her to be born into our arms with love.   

I do not want unnecessary assistance or medicine.  The birth center believes in holistic care and the mid wives only intervene when necessary.  They allow the mother to birth their baby on their own and for the Mom and Dad to experience it together.  Our baby will be born in water which is soothing for me and the baby (and eliminates 70% of the pain, so they say).  Coming out into the world in a temperature controlled room and warm water is a great transition for the baby.  The baby will then be scooped up by myself and my husband and immediately touched by it's new parents.  The whole experience is centered around the baby and the parents.  It is a loving and intimate time. 

The Birthing Tub

The prenatal care I receive is excellent from the Mid wives.  They spend one on one time with me and cherish the moments of being pregnant with me.  They are like friends to me and my husband. 

I have experience an OBGYN office and the Birth Center and there is no comparison.  I am looking forward to birthing my child in this loving setting. 

In a selfish world, I hope to raise a selfless child

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  1. Awesome post! I am so excited for you & chris, such an amazing time in your lives :)