Saturday, October 9, 2010

Louie's Kids Yoga Marathon!

Today was the 7th annual Yoga Marathon to benefit Louie's Kids!  Louis Yuhasz is a Charleston local who started a non profit organization to help treat childhood obesity!  Check out the website here. He is changing the lives of these children by educating them on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles!  Louie's Kids is the only non profit organization that concentrates solely on treating childhood obesity!  That is amazing!  

As we know, obesity is on the rise and we must help educate on healthy lifestyle changes. Our children are our future and we need to start changing the patterns and statistics.  Adults need to be healthy examples for children.  We can turn it around and focus on a greater quality of life!

16% of America's children are obese
Another 17% are overweight

Louie's Kids is a great organization that impact a lot of people in the area!  Every year they hold a yoga marathon to raise money for the organization!  This is held at Marion Square downtown Charleston.  There is nothing better than practicing yoga outside!  Each yogi attempts to raise money or get sponsored to perform 108 sun salutations (a yoga sequence).  108 is a sacred yogic number.  You find 108 beads on a mala, garland or prayer beads!  So we perform 108 sun salutations.  

As of the day of the marathon, Louie's Kids raised $16,032!  That is enough to flip about! If you would like to donate you can visit 

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