Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Compassionate World Begins with YOU!

Today was Charleston's 1st Annual Walk for Animals

The funds from the walk go to support The Farm Sanctuary.  This is a farm in New York that houses animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected.  They have even been known to rescue animals that were destined for the dinner table.  They are on a mission to contribute to the freedom of all animals.  No animal should suffer for human consumption.  The animals that are born into the factories, live terrible lives and then are slaughtered to be sold in our grocery stores!  If you visit a farm sanctuary, you will see the cows, pigs, chickens, goats, etc living out lives the way they are meant to. The animals graze, rest, socialize and live long happy lives.  

Would you like to be in a cage your whole life, not knowing what is going on?  You get sick and nothing is done about it.  You don't have room to lay down or even scratch an itch.  You are surrounded by others your whole life, even touching someone else all the time.  Someone dies of sickness next to you and you still have to live beside them. Then it is all ended when you go off to be killed, the fear in your heart overtakes you.  This is what the animals feel.  Some say animals do not have feelings or souls, however I disagree.  EVERY BEING FIGHTS FOR THEIR LIVES AND WANTS TO BE HAPPY!

Here is a demonstration of chickens in a coop.  Each person is standing on a 8X11 inch piece of paper.  That is all the room they would get.  Chickens are required to stand on grates, packed in side by side.  There is no room to move and often times, their feet grow around the grates.  They have no choice.  All so we can get chicken nuggets and eggs. Is it worth it?

Demo with People

Actual Chickens in a cage...


287 Chickens are slaughtered every second
3.68 Pigs are slaughtered every second
1.12 Cows are slaughtered every second

Those are alarming numbers.  If you go Vegetarian or lower your personal meat consumption you can lower those numbers!  No one else is going to do it for you, you have to make the difference yourself! 

Compassion begins with YOU

Go VEG!!
Check out The Farm Sanctuary or a local Farm Sanctuary


  1. Great blog Mary:) I am so blessed to have you as a friend. The world is defiantly a better place to live because of you. On behalf of all animals, thank you for your activism and compassion!
    Together we can WIN:)

    Love and peace,

  2. Great blog on the Walk! And I love the pics too. Everyone did such a good job raising awareness for farm animals this weekend!


  3. Great Post, I hate that I could not make it to the walk. I have about 10 invites on Facebook right now and hopefully can make at least one of them! Love your blogs and look forward to meeting you soon:)