Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walk On!!

The weather is changing in Charleston and the humidity is taking a break finally! 
I have begun to walk to work again!  Walking to work is quite a luxury.  If I had it my way, I wouldn't even own a car.  The only reason I have one is because my yoga school is too far to walk or bike to.  But work is a 20 minute walk and it is well worth it.  Here are the advantages to walking to work...

I love saying goodbye to my car as I walk by it in the morning.

I love being outside for the walk to and from, since I am indoors for eight straight hours

I love saving the Earth the little bit of fumes and gas consumption that I would normally put out!

I love passing all the traffic jams!

I love the crazy looks and stares I get from drivers.  People thinking "where is that person's car?!"

I love being IN nature instead of speeding by it in my car!

And most of all, I love the exercise I get!  My commute is powered by my own energy and strength. 

Here is my lovely walk to work!

Starting out on the sidewalk...

Around the bend...
Checking out the scenery

Being One with Nature! How cute are they?!?!

Stop and Smell the Roses..seriously, there are roses on my way!

This is my TRAFFIC JAM!!

Try walking more places and leaving the car parked!  Even if it is just around a shopping center!  You will see and experience so much more! 

Happy Walking!

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