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Do you ever think "wow it would be great to change the world" but think, "what can I do?".  Activism can come in may forms and we all have a voice. Being an activist means to take actions for causes that concern you and others that you care for. In a large world, it sometimes feels like we are just a tiny speck on a flower floating around.  We feel like the scale is so large that our little action will not matter. 

In actuality, we hold a lot of power in our hands and voices.  One of our most powerful tools is our money.  Every dollar, quarter, penny that we spend votes on the change we want to see, good or bad.  If you want to make a difference in the world, start by considering what you support with your money and purchases.  You do not have to have a lot of money to have your voice heard, just use it wisely

Our voices and opinions are another powerful tool for activism.    If no one ever spoke up, then nothing would ever happen. We don't all have the time to physically go to a protest but we can still make changes.  There are websites and non profit organizations that are dedicated to changing the world.  All you need to do is follow them, support them and sign the petitions or write the letters to the causes you support.  Many of these actions are tiny and do not take any money or a lot of time, however they can make large impacts. 

How to be a part time activist:

First, you choose a cause or many causes that are dear to your heart.  Example) Animal Testing or Unfair Treatment of Labor Workers

Then you begin your research.  Read articles and research companies.  If you hear of or find out something that a company does that is against what you believe, you write to them. You can compose a nice, formal letter asking them reconsider their practices and always give solutions.  Search the contact information for an address and a contact person.  Often times, they will write you back, which is great!  A lot of companies have a department in place that handles complaints, but have no fear, your voice is still heard. If a company is doing something you do not approve of and nothing is changed, then you move to your next power and stop supporting them! They will definitely hear that.

There are also many websites with this information on them.  Be a subscriber to these and stay on the lookout for petitions to sign.  Some websites are:

  • Vitamin Angels- for everyone who "likes" their facebook page, they will donate $.25 to prevent child nutrition.  How easy is that?  Click here for the page
  • Change. org- has multiple petitions and causes to choose from Click here
  • Save our Earth- has environmentalism causes Click here
  • Greenpeace- sign up for updates and they will ask for your help on petitions  Click here
  • PETA- They are dedicated to causes for animals.  Click here for the Action Center
  • Tree Hugger- Another site dedicated to environmentalism Click here
Remember that we are all powerful.  If you want change, make it happen!

Small Act...Large Impact...

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