Thursday, April 8, 2010

"Be the Change You Want to See"- Ghandi

We all want to change the world. We all want to live in a better environment, have healthier lives and thriving generations. But what are we doing today to make this happen? We are the examples. We have the power to change the world! The first step is changing our own lives.

The best thing I did to change my world was going vegetarian. By changing the way I eat, I have made my body healthier, my environment cleaner and I promote compassion three times a day just by making better choices at breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Actually, more than 3 times, I snack a lot). That is a small price to pay to make our world a better place. I vote no to animals dying by the masses, I vote no for the excessive polution and run off of their waste and the food wasted to feed the factory farms, I vote no for an open heart surgery or prescriptions in my future. Simple as that!

So when we have children, our children learn from us. We have traditions that run deep and children will follow. If you want your child to be healthy and happy, you too must be healthy and happy! By promoting healthy eating, exercise and compassion in your own life, your child will learn these wonderful habits. BE AN EXAMPLE! This is the best way to set your child free!

So, go grab a couple of apples and hit the park! And when you see a bug in the park, teach your child to observe it, love it and be interested in it's environment. Not to kill it!


  1. LOVE this Mary! You have inspired me to do something I've been "meaning to" for months now! I have located a farm a few hours away that sells "grass fed only" beef and free range chickens. I am saying "no" to my daughter eating steriods and who knows what else and saying "no to poor treatment of animals! Thanks for the motivation!!!

  2. YAY Beth! It is well worth it! That is great news!