Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Story

I'm not saying that I eat perfectly. Who does? But I love learning about nutrition and spreading the word.

I grew up eating pretty well. I always had a healthy, light breakfast, a packed lunch and a homecooked dinner. My mom never let us eat the lunchables or premade foods. At the time, I hated that! (Thanks Mom) I loved desert (still do) but it was a treat! However, I did eat the hotdogs and vienna sausages and thanks to Grandma, FAT BACK (southerners will know what that is).

As I got a little older and could make my own food choices, fast food became appealing. I would get a greasy breakfast sandwich in the morning and a burger and fries after school. I loved eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts...you know where this is going! I played sports and was in shape, so it was ok right?

It wasn't until much later that I began to focus on what was actually going into my body. We switched to eating all organic foods (ie: natural and not processed) years ago. That made a huge difference. Just READING the products before eating them. Then I became a vegetarian.

About six months into eating veg, I had a physcical. And to my surprise, I was told that I have HIGH CHOLESTEROL! On a vegetarian/vegan diet, you ingest very little cholesterol! It's great! I do know that a lot of cholesterol is hereditary. (and it is for me), but it also definately has to do with what I ate growing up.

My point is, you begin with a clean slate, then you have the choice to fill your body with healthy or unhealthy food items. When you have a child, why wouldn't you want to give them the advantage of having the best health going into their adult lives. I can not do anything about my cholesterol that is already there. I am a vegan now and will always be, therefore I am doing my best to avoid prescriptions and higher cholesterol.

Our world is a Prescription drug society and I believe we can change that. We have a pill to fix everything. Instead of a pill, lets get to the root!


  1. haha! Maybe you should get some bloodwork too! You were eating right beside me! :) It is hereditary for us! :(

  2. It's soooo good to hear you guys again!!! Sara and I talk alot about our bikerides to meet you guys at the tennis courts and "kill the man with the ball". I am not on facebook, so I am super happy to connect with you guys here!

    I hear ya on the hereditary thing. My mother's dad has everything in the book and I am trying to be aware of healthy ways to fight it now! Mary, what kind of meals and snacks do you eat during the day?

  3. KILL THE MAN WITH THE BALL!!! Good times! My husband and I played tennis yesterday and I thought of our little tennis crew too!

    Ok..meals and snacks...
    I start the day with a bowl of cereal or whole grain waffles and try to add a "green" smoothie (fruit protien smoothie with spinach) a couple of times a week.

    Lunch is usually dinner leftovers.

    I am pretty bad about snacking...(I don't really snack much at work). At home, I eat a lot of chips and salsa!!

    For dinners, I eat normal things, just substitute non dairy or veggies for meat. I try to keep it simple, eat fresh veggies and grains.

    We also got a juicer this past Christmas. We juice A LOT! We do great fruit cocktails and a couple times a week, I drink veggie juice and once a week I drink beets (yuck).

    I still eat deserts (just vegan cookies, cupcakes, etc). I love it!

    Basically I keep it fresh and simple!